Saturday, January 27

There has been a lot happening since my last post so i haven't been able to get updated in a while. I have had a few trying times this past few weeks but i know that God gives the victory.
I would like to share this poem with you as it has been a help to me in tough times. I can't take the credit for writing this one. I am not sure who the author is actually. God Bless.
Christ my Saviour, Christ my friend
Christ my Treasure without end;
Christ when waves of sorrow roll,
Christ the comfort of my soul.
Christ when all around should fail,
Christ when enemies prevail;
Christ when false accusers rise,
Christ my Solace in the skies.
Christ when days are dark and drear,
Christ when all around is clear;
Christ when all the earth is gone,
Christ my portion on the throne.
Christ at home, and Christ abroad,
Christ my company on the road;
Christ in sickness. Christ in health,
Christ in poverty and wealth.
Christ who once on earth has trod,
Christ the blessed "Son of God"
Christ for time and Christ for aye,
Christ for all eternity.

Wednesday, January 10


I thought i would post a quick update as i haven't done so in a few days.
On Monday we went to visit with the Fox family in Newtownards. We had a good time and Chyrll as usual made a good meal for us. Thank you Chyrll.
Lydia played the piano for us and did a really good job too. Chyrll gave me a candle that smells like baby powder mmmmmm really nice.

Yesterday we took my mum to the Ulster Transport Museum and afterwards for a meal in Harry Ramsdens. She really enjoyed herself. I must say i enjoy the reading part of it the most.
They have a Titanic exhibition there which is good but very sad.
Please pray for my mum as she undergoes tests at the hospital on Friday.

Today i did school with the kids and tonight we went to Bethel. Pastor Mark spoke about Christians being at ease in Zion. It is important for us Christians to preach the Gospel- to stand up for Jesus and do all that we can to point lost souls to Christ even if they reject him. That is all that will matter in eternity.

Saturday, January 6

MySpace Layouts

Just experimenting with pictures from the web. I really liked this one. Very seasonal.

Friday, January 5

We had service last night in Letterkenny. It was good to see my nephew Christopher at the service. My husband spoke from 1 John chapter 5 on assurance of salvation. He did a good job.
I am glad that God loves his children enough to let us know that we have eternal life, that our names are written in the Lambs of life once we accept Christ's payment for sin.Amen.

Oh what it is, to know a sweet Saviour
who gave his dear life for me,
who pardons the sinner, without favour
and gives you a mansion for free.

Oh what it is, to know a sweet Saviour
who will always be there to care,
who left me instructions in his word
and opens his ears to each prayer.

Oh what it will be, to see my dear Saviour
to see my Redeemer and friend,
who leaves me assurance by his word
that my name is written in heaven.

Wednesday, January 3

Hello again,

Trust you all had a good Christmas. I was offline for a few days as my PC quit working and i am now using a laptop which Pastor Mark Bradfield has kindly loaned me. I probably won't be able to post pictures until i get my PC back again in working order but I'm still grateful to have a computer at all.
It really is a wet day here today but that's nothing new for us here in Northern Ireland. The kids and i have the cold so we are not feeling a 100 percent. Praying it will pass quickly.
I have just finished homeschooling so i am hoping to get to the shop in a little while. I am very unorganised today.
Yesterday Stan and Brother Mark and his 2 nephews went tracting and a Lady got mad and said that Stan and Henry were teasing her dog but they weren't. I guess the real reason she was angry was because she didn't like the Gospel. Shows people for what we really are - Hell deserving sinners.
Well here is another poem i wrote a good while back. Have a good day. God Bless.
Jesus Our Saviour
God loves the world so dearly,
He sent his precious son,
To bear our sins at Calvary-
To die for everyone.
Jesus came to save us,
He died for you and me,
He wants the world to know
that salvation - it is free.
Open up your heart,
Trust him all the way,
Let Jesus enter in
and he will always stay.
When life seems hard,
Too much to bear,
Just trust in Jesus,
He’s always there.
He’ll never leave you,
nor forsake you,
Gods word it tells us so,
Jesus is our Saviour-
The world, it has to know.