Saturday, June 23

I'm back...

I have to apologise for not updating this past few weeks and I'll give an update to some of what has been happening around here; i haven't got time to post everything that has went on......

Answered prayer: On my last post i asked you to pray for me as i went to have the mri scan....Well i had it done and the results came back normal so that was a blessing and another prayer answered. Thank you for praying for that.

A&E visit: We managed to visit accident and emergency with our youngest son Jeremiah when he closed the door on his finger.Thankfully he didn't break it but he did have to have a hole put in his nail to release the bleeding that was under his nail as a result of the injury.

Fun day's out: We have had a couple of nice family day's when we got to take the kids to a fun farm and also to Grianan Fort in Donegal which we enjoyed; i took some pictures so i will post them in the near future.

And finally: Our computer broke down last week just when i was about to update my blog so i was a little annoyed about that but we're back online again. I may not get to post very often over the next few weeks as my mother will be going into hospital on Tuesday and having surgery the following Monday. She was supposed to have it done this Monday but they said her blood sugars are too high to operate so they will keep her in hospital this week in an attempt to get them lowered. I would appreciate your prayers for her; her name is Esther. It will be a major surgery for her with all her health problems. I will be looking after her when she gets out for a week and then my sister will help out after that so i will be busyyyyy. Maybe the Lord needs for me to learn some patience. I would also ask you to pray for my husbands mom as we got a call this moring to say she was taken to hospital with breathing problems. She has a chronic disease caused by smoking and her condition has gotten worse this past few months. She needs to be saved so please pray for her and her husband. Their names are Mary and William.

I have to go for now but Lord willing i will be able to post some picture's at a later date.
God Bless.