Monday, April 20

Wednesday, April 15

At last...

Just thought i would give a quick update while i had the chance. Life has been soooo busy.

We are all doing ok, It is JJ's birthday on Friday, he will be 7 years old; i sometimes still think that JJ is the youngest and I've even called Samuel JJ a few times, oops that's awful isn't it.Well what can i say i'm not 20 anymore.

It will be a busy week as my mom is getting married on Saturday to bro. Neil. So a big CONGRATULATIONS! to you both Mom and Neil. It was actually an answer to prayer for me as i had been praying for someone to look after my Mum when we move to Newtownards. You just never know what the Lord has in store for his children.
7 of us went out 2 weeks ago on My moms "last single lady's day out " , we did bowling and had a meal. It was fun even though i didn't win.(not that i'm competitive or anything,lol)

The hardest part of getting ready for this wedding has been finding something modest to wear.
The clothing manufacturers must be trying to save on material or something. When i go looking to buy a top or a dress i dont want half of it to be missing, which seems to be the in trend right now. The shops are promoting immodest dress and sad to say some parents do too.
I ended up going to juntion one in Antrim and mananged to get something there.
I will go for now and Hopefully will get to post something again soon.