Monday, January 18

Precious Little One - Abigail Cullen

I'm just a precious little one who didn`t make it there.
I went straight to be with Jesus, but I`m waiting for you here.

Many dwelling here where I live, waited years to enter in.
Struggled through a world of sorow, a world marred with pain and sin.

Thank you for the life you gave me, it was brief but don`t complain.
I have all Heaven`s Glory, suffered none of earth`s great pain.

Thank you for the name you gave me. I`d have loved to bring it fame.
But if I`d lingered in earth`s shadows, I would have suffered just the same.

So sweet family - don`t you sorrow.Wipe those tears and chase the gloom.
I went straight to Jesus` arms from my loving Mother`s womb.

Author Unknown