Monday, March 31

Time for an update...

Hello again, I thought i had better post something just to let you know i am still around.

It's been a busy month for us as we have been travelling up and down to our new Church in Newtownards. We've been going now for nearly a month. My husband has taken over as Pastor of Good News Baptist Church. You can check out some pictures on M&M's blog from a special service we had recently. I need to get a new camera and post some pictures myself too.
Bro. Stuart has been a blessing to us by reading from the Bible each service and he also has been sharing some things he has learned from studying the greek and hebrew.
Bro. Brian and Sis. Laurence have also been an encouragement to us by being faithful in attendence and Laurence has been very kindly helping me out with the suppers. She makes really good pavlova.
I musn't forget to mention my mom and nephew Christopher who have been faithfully attending each service also.
We are praying for souls to be saved through the outreach of the Church.

My family are doing well, the kids have been busy with their school work and just being kids.
Everything is going as well as can be expected with my pregnancy; I get my big scan on Thursday to check on the baby and make sure all is as it should be. I am hoping to get a few pictures to take home. The baby seems really active lately, especially at night,lol but i'm not complaining. It's very reassuring. It's hard to believe i am more than halfway through already.
Time goes by so fast. The kids can't wait to meet their new brother or sister.

I better stop typing now and get ready for bed. I'll try to update again soon.

Wednesday, March 19

Just for fun...

Color text Brain teaser
The point is to say the name of the color of each word, and not the color named by the word. So if you saw Blue you would say "Red". I strongly recommend you do this aloud in front of someone who can see the page and check you.

White - Gray - Orange - Gray - Pink - Blue - Gray
Red - Yellow - Purple - Red - Yellow - Pink - White
Green- Red- Gray - Yellow- Orange- Gray - Pink
Green - Yellow - Gray - White- Gray - Purple - Green
Pink - Gray- Blue- Gray - Orange- Gray - Blue
Yellow - Gray - Green - Yellow - Red - Pink - Gray
Purple - Orange - Green - Pink - Green - Blue - Green

Dawud Miracle learned that color stimulates different parts of the brain so he checked into this phenomenon even more... In the process he learned that the brain's easily tricked by association.


I found this a bit tricky, What about you?