Thursday, April 19

Tagged for a Birthday Meme....

I was visiting Sis. Julies blog when i noticed that i have been tagged to do a birthday meme. It was a learning experience i must say. Thanks Sis. Julie. Well i put my birth date (not year) into wikepedia and here is some of what i have found for the 17th of June:

1) List 3 events:

1885- The statue of liberty arrives in New York Habor.
1963- The United States Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 in Abington school district v Schempp
against allowing the reciting of Bible verses and the Lord's prayer in public schools.
1994- The FIFA world cup begins in the U.S.A

2) List 2 Births:
1239- King Edward 1 of England
1718- Wiliiam Hooper, Amercan signer of the Declaration of Independence

3) List 1 Death:
1025- Boleslaw 1 the Brave, 1st King of Poland

I hope i have done this right; anyway it was fun. I think i am now supposed to tag a few other people/ bloggers to do the same thing so here goes: 3 sisters, Chyrll, and Steve and Ethel.
I hope you haven't already been tagged. Have fun. God Bless.


Three Sisters Blog said...

Hi Karen, that was interesting reading your birthday meme. Thank you for tagging us:)
3 sisters

Chyrll said...

The meme was interesting. Thank you for tagging me:)

Julie's Jewels said...

So did you learn anything? I know I did. You had some pretty neat things to post about your birthday. Thanks for participating!! I'm loving reading others birthday facts.