Monday, May 10


What has been happening with me lately? Well my family are doing well, the kids are getting big and still enjoying their school which is a blessing. My hubby is busy all the time which is good thing i suppose but i do miss him when he is not with me. Everything is going well with our unborn baby so far for which i am thankful. I am feeling the baby move alot now and it is amazing and wonderful. No matter how many times i have been pregnant i still cant get over how amazing it feels to experience those movements. It reminds me how powerful my God really is. I go for my big 5 month scan next week, so looking forward to that. *** On a different note, i have been praying about some things that have been bothering me lately about some peoples behaviour and i can say for sure it has helped. I read a good qoute recently which said "PRAYER IS EITHER YOUR STEERING WHEEL OR YOUR SPARE TYRE" I know have been guilty of not praying in situations when i know i should have and from experience i have learned that talking to the Lord no matter what kind of day i am having makes things easier to deal with and i tend to cope alot better but i still have some learning to do, i admit that. I think the day i'll stop learning is the day i meet my Saviour. I am glad i have him to lean on and learn from. He is so good to me. *** Other news- I have joined facebook now so if your on it drop me a line. It's good to see Connie on there too. She's been such a help and blessing to me. Well i will go for now and Lord willing i will update again soon.

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Lisa said...

So glad catch up with you and to see your doing well.
God Bless