Sunday, October 11 last

Hi again. I know it has been a while since i last updated, life has been very busy the past few months. We moved house and we now live in Bangor, the Lord provided us with a nice house in a nice area and it is great living here. The kids really love it and so do we. It is great to be so near our Church and the folks here. The kids started a private Christian school just a minutes drive from our house and they really enjoy it, they look so cute in their uniforms so i just had to post a picture. I am really happy to have found the school and i thank the Lord for it and the teachers there. It averages around 16 students between the primary and high school. Laurence and Brian's little girl Alyx-ann goes to the pre-school there too.
It has been a trying few months as my mother in law passed away and i had a miscarriage but God has proved himself yet again by getting my husband and i through these trials. His Grace is sufficient, Amen.

Here are some pictures of the new house for Chyrll. I included some videos of the wee man too.

Jade at front of the house

Back garden


Sitting room


Jades room


Samuel walking

Samuel and Jade singing



Dear Karen, It is sooo good to hear a word from you. I am so sorry for the losses in your life but I am so happy that God's strength has been sufficient for you. It is always enough for me too. The kids have grown so much and oooh Little Samuel He has gotten so big and even more beautiful well, handsome. I am so glad that you like your new home. It looks really nice and comfortable. Glad the children like their new school. Hope your days just get happier and happier full of joy always. love you, connie


That was so sweet. Loved it. connie